Impatience Is Not a Virtue



That's outrageous. SO rude. What an arrogant jerk.

I also can't stand it when people wear too much perfume.

At least they didn't stick around stinking the place out.


That happened to me once, in an unnamed burger joint.
I moved though, as I was intimidated by the strong perfume.

Never again!
I’m empowered by your courage.


I prefer to "crop dust" unnamed Mexican restaurants.


Why do people feel a need to douse themselves in perfume. Just bath and put on a decent deodorant. Saying "no" was right on. I might have added "are you fucking blind, I have like two fucking bits left, chill your jets dickhead!" With that they probably would have still eat'n in.


Rude people truly stink. Good riddance.


IA must have a serene life is this incident aggravates them to the point of letter writing. Maybe in my next incarnation.........


Walking up Denny after work past reef, some sleazy lout and his crew of flunkies accosted me.

"Can I ask you a question?" (That is a question, numbnuts).


He looked at me sheepishly, then said, "Can you buy me some weed?"

"Nope!" I kept walking.

He grew indignant. "Alright, fuck you then."

I gave him my meanest mug and had a mind to slap his dumbass up the head. He covered his mouth and looked at the floor.

"What's wrong, kid? You want me to change your diaper too?" Too dumb to figure out how to get weed on your own? Get older, bro." His friends laughed and one told him it wasn't worth it when he got mad.

Hell no it's not. Dafuq would I endager my livelihood and freedom for your kicks? Where the fuck is this sense of entitlement from? Kids these days need a swift kick in the pants and to shape the fuck up . Devolution in full swing.


@7 -- What a shame.

If only, we hadn't Legalized Weed
we might still have pot Dealers on every corner
willing to sell (to anyone) pot, guns, whateverthefuck.

Turns out, the Moralizers were wrong.
Go figure.


I hope you are not conflating a sense of morality and dignity with the legalization of weed, as they are not mutually exclusive. I am not asking for drug dealers, I am asking for mutual respect. Because if you talk down to me in America behold my rights of free speech and the necessary skill and measure to make the second amendment redundant and unnecessary. Ideas are bulletproof.