Entitled Line Cutting Is Never a Good Look



Women are catty, entitled bitches.


Also not a good look: posting that headline the same day some guy was killed over cutting a chicken-sandwich line at Popeye's.


Well, if it's true that everyone had VIP passes, someone could have said "we all have VIP passes, so back of the line lady." Instead it sounds like everyone, or just you, sat there passively stewing about being wronged.


@2- oh STFU.


"Entitled Line Cutting Is Never a Good Look"

And yet we have three people in the US who own more wealth than the "bottom" HALF of our Citizenry.

How the Fuck is that a "good look"?

Unless, of course, YOU're on Top of the heap. looking way way WAY down at all the little Plebes: "They're so freakin' Tiny, from (way!) up here!" and "Good thing we cannot smell them, from here!" --actual quotes


Entitled Line Cutting is Never a Good Look. ILLEGALS! Grab a ticket, pick a seat, and wait your turn in line just like every fucking else has to.


Entitlement or mental illness? A rotund lady forcibly cut in front of me at the pharmacy and then proceed to express fears about her health and medications for several minutes. I went from anger to pity.


Classic passive Seattle. Instead of confronting the person and perhaps explaining to them the error of their ways, you write a shitty note to a blog they will never see.


Sarah Silverman: “A lot of women will misbehave, and then they just say they’re ‘a diva’ and they think that just makes everything okay. ‘I’m a diva. I can cut in line, I’m a diva. I can be selfish and thoughtless, I’m a diva.’”

Sarah’s response: “Mmm, I’m pretty sure you’re a cunt.”


@2 Shut up


If someone cuts fairly close to me I always say something. If they cut way up I guess they get a pass


Maybe she cut to the front of the line because she's better than you and Jesus loves her more.


Yeah, the poster shoulda grabbed her scarf and choked the bitch out...too bad she didn’t and just wrote here instead. Maybe after reading the comments, she’ll be more proactive next time and speak up.