Keep Your Sick Kid's Snot Away from My Burrito



What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. If you can't handle some common a kid coughing you aren't going to get very far. Get over it already.


oh jeeze - "some common germs, or a kid coughing.."


Sometimes kids gotta come with mom or dad no matter how they're feeling, that's just the way it is, BUT anyone—be it snot-nosed child held aloft by a parent or mouth-breathing adult—that hovers over the glass that guards those delicious ingredients deserves a hot tortilla slap to the face.


Snot guard’s there at the salsa bar for a reason dude... I think the time is ripe we all follow this brave childpioneer’s example and avail ourselves of the fun & pleasure awaiting each of us at the proverbial salsa bar of life, if only we too would smoosh boogers into the glass with audacious aplomb & glee :)


Keep your sick kids at home. If you're sick, stay at home also. You have hundreds of hours of streaming content to get through anyway.


Oh, number 3. Fuck Nazis. Always and forever. Fucker.