Really? It was the sneakers that put you over the edge?


How about students or any other cohort in debt and that complains about it, and yet has a brand new mac, the latest iphone, wireless earbuds, and the latest snazzy backpack. Fuck you little whiners, tighten your belts before you put your hand out for debt relief.


Yeah, how dare your backpacks be SNAZZY?!


2: you failed to note that $800 shoes equals a mere 40 servings of avocado toast.


Yeah but does it have the Supreme sticker on it


@2 my MacBook Pro is more than six years old — technically, at least. A couple of years ago, there was a small problem with the display delaminating around the edges, so I took it in. They had a program set up to repair what was a known issue, at no cost to me. When I got it back a few days later, they said they also replaced the top case and the logic board. "So, I said, "what of my original computer is left?" "Oh, the bottom case (just a chunk of aluminum, really) and a couple of wires; everything else is new. No charge."

The result: they more or less replaced my entire laptop, for free — years after the warranty had expired. I've also had my iPhone SE for nearly four years with no issues.

Those "little whiners" may just be making a rational investment in long-lasting products made by a company that, in my experience, stands behind what it sells.


I don't blame you one bit for leaving, working for someone who doesn't value their staff can be extremely difficult. Sneaker brain needs you more than you need him, he's just not bright enough to know that. I wish you luck in your job search.

I've always had one rule when it comes to who I'll work for, at the bare minimum I need to work with good people and good products, only then can I commit myself 100% to whatever it is I'm doing.


@8 RickFromTexas: Well said, agreed and seconded, bravo, and AMEN!


Mr B thinks one day that he'll be the one parading around- sneering at while exploiting his workers in $800 sneakers. Whereupon one day it will dawn on him that the 'free market' as practiced in the US doesn't work that way.

Come to think of it, Dr, Seuss himself wrote something about that sort of thing- all so many years ago. IIRC he called them "star bellied sneetches."


Don't look for a new job-- Unionize the one you have.


@10 Jexpat: Well put. Financially, China basically owns us now. Mr B makes me think of a Dr. Seussian hybrid: both a star-bellied sneetch--and The Once'ler from The Lorax.


Time to polish up the resume and move on, Anon. This is a great time to be a job hunter, and it often takes a job move to move up the ladder. Assuming you have marketable skills and no glaring personality deficits, you should be in good shape. In the next job do not be a doormat and work 60 hours for 40 hours pay. You will be surprised how effective a little bit of push-back is if delivered with calm sweet reason. Your boss sounds like a dick. There are lots of dick bosses out there. You are probably savvy enough now to sniff them out in the interview. One last bit of advice from a grey-hair: Don't burn your bridges on the way out the door. it may feel good immediately, but will probably bite you in the ass sooner than you might expect.


@11 Yep, bring in the mob. What can go wrong.


Working for an owner or limited partnership is about as close to tyranny as you'll likely (and luckily) ever experience. Get a job with a publicly-traded corp or public agency. Impersonal? Yeah, you'll get lost in the shuffle, and that is exactly what you'll learn to value over time.


That business will go under soon because anyone who spends $800 dollars on sneakers is an idiot. Particularly those crass ugly abominations.

Spending real money on a good pair of Ferragamos or Meccariellos that will last twenty years makes sense. Sure. But sneakers?

Barabaric morons.


Don't just quit! Alienate as many of your co-workers from your boss as you can before you leave. Look for ways to waste company money, or convince customers to take their business elsewhere. Don't just quit, fight back against a Capitalist system that treats us workers as disposable! Remember, no war but class war!


Where they the ugly chunky ass Triple S clonckers? Ugh. The Balenciaga Track sneakers are super cute though, I need tbh. Sorry about your troubles friend. There is literally no job even if "you love what you do" that would justify working in a toxic work environment. You should do some soul searching about why it was the sneakers that took you over the edge. Stop undervaluing yourself and sticking around to work yourself to the bone for shitty, greedy ass people with terrible taste in sneakers, its not noble and it only enables said shitty boss. Anyways, capitalism is a helluva thing. Cannot wait for a class war.


"Since when can I not treat people like dirt in peace???"


@3 Hahahahaha
@8 Well said

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