To all my coworkers: Please stop giving such incredibly specific reasons for why you will be working from home today. I don't care if you have to go to the doctor for your gout or the particulars of your symptoms. I don't need to know that your cat pooped blood. Or that your dog encountered a hostile person at the grocery store and now needs antidepressants. Keep it to yourself that your poly partner poisoned you with undercooked chicken. You don't need to mention the word diarrhea. Just say in the message that you have an appointment or you're sick! We don't all need to hear about your custody trial with your ex-wife who you hate more than anything in an all staff e-mail!! Please please please, for the love of god, stop!!!!

To submit an unsigned confession or accusation, send an e-mail to Please remember to change the names of the innocent and guilty.

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