Don't Tell Me!



Which would be my advice to the anonymous poster...


It's a shame you can write that long winded submission but can't write this one sentence email and send it to your coworkers: "In the future, there is no need to provide your personal details when emailing to say you'll be working from home, thank you."


But the reasons I have to stay away from work are so interesting because it's all about ME!!!


Given that the whole purpose of "I, Anon" is for people to post about stuff they can't discuss with others in person, it's bogus to call "I, Anon" posters out for NOT discussing the stuff they post here with others in person. If you can't accept the premise of "I, Anon", don't READ "I, Anon". OK? Jesus!


Well said @4, lol.

With the spirit of full disclosure in mind, I nominate this I, Anonymous for the 2020 Too Much Information award! As Barney Fife used to say, Nip it! Nip it in the bud!


WOW. No wonder I. ANON. for me is so often a "read only" column.


@5: Well, yeah...there is a lot in there that none of us would like to discuss. On the other hand, we've all had the kind of boss who would say "diaper the cat and get you're ass in here NOW!"


I,ANON, thank you for offering me a gentle reminder not to be TMI.
@5 RickFromTexas: I second the nomination for this I, ANON for 2020 TMI Award.
@7 AlaskanbutnotSeanParnell: I have had plenty of hardass bosses who would do just that.


I imbibed way Way WAY too much cocaine and malt liquor last night and so while I actually feel fine to work, I have incredible projectile diarrhea. Though I could stay in the employee shitter the whole day and work from my laptop, the drop-dead amazing aroma of my shit might be a put-off to some. That, and I would probably go through 10 rolls.


I need to post today's I, Anon comment remotely due to the incredibly infectious rash that seems to have spread past yesterday's limit of my ass crack and taint to areas that I'm unable to cover with my usual work uniform. The incessant itch and weeping puss is proving to be distracting not only to me but to those around me, as evidenced by my family's choice to move into a Motel 6 in Burien.

Anyway, I agree - way too much information sharing these days.

All the best,


@10: "weeping puss"? Your rash is making your cat cry? I hope that's not the pooping-blood cat-poor thing's been through enough as it is. Also, what IS your "usual work uniform"? And what the hell is your job? Enquiring minds aren't SURE they want to know.


LW, take it up with your boss - s/he's the one who gets to decide who gets a sick day and how much detail is required for the request.


@9 glad to see someone remind us that it is always about cocaine and malt liquor. I’d almost forgotten