Jesus, what would you have done if he had successfully cashed that check? I mean, I get the anger... I’m assuming you had no legal recourse?


Yes, its best to take the high road and seek out our common humanity, for what damage could you hope to inflict on someone already intent of destroying his or her own life? The more this person rebuilds themself, maintains a stable residence, establishes good credit, etc., the more substantial you'll have something into which to sink the claws of revenge.


Congratulations. You passed. I hope to be able to do the same some day


I do not believe this story.


MAIL FRAUD MIKAL! So clever, what a special boy! Whiz bang, can't get a life, but knows how to troll people like a braindead Spokane redneck snitch bitch.


So...are you gonna SEND him a check now? You probably owe him one for impersonating his dead brother and all.


Fuck him. Deserves what he gets.


Don't steal life saving equipment from doctors you miserable fucks.


Huh. The person who stole the PPE returned it and left an apology note. Faith in humanity restored.

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