No, your family cannot visit for the holidays. We all agreed to these rules to keep everyone safe. You broke them once and were reminded, and then you broke them again. We even gave you a solution (getting tested) which you could have acted on over the weekend or this morning, and you chose not to. Please don't pressure us to endanger our safety because you couldn't wear a mask for "fifteen seconds." Your daughters have been very mature and patient so they can take part in this upcoming gathering. Something you were unable to do. I'm sorry they cannot come over, but you made that choice for all of us when you chose to socialize without your mask.

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New rule: If masks are legally required outdoors, and you choose not to wear one, you must yield when encountering others on the sidewalk.

Because by not wearing a mask, you’re de facto claiming you can maintain 6 feet of distance from anyone else. So... do it.

Step off the sidewalk. Take your 6 feet.

Don’t go mask-less AND make the rest of us responsible for maintaining your personal space bubble.

That’s just an asshole move.

The place I work is filled with morons, for lack of a better word! They regularly talk about how covid is a Democrat conspiracy and other nonsense. Very few people besides myself wear masks, and honestly, if it weren't for the fact that I have a family to support, I would quit for my health.

Well, I asked the boss about masks since he could be fined and money is a language he understands. He then held a staff meeting where I was singled out as the problem and told people to put on masks only around me since I was so paranoid, or those very opposed could just hold a hand over their face when near me. Now I'm work's Public Enemy #1 and get called the crazy bitch who wants to take their rights away. This sucks!

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