I, Anonymous: A Few Words on Masks



Holy crap - letter 2 - hope you can get a different job asap.


I wish my sibling - who is an LICSW - would stop visiting my elderly parent and me with their primary school child, with no notice! I don't care if it's outside with masks on for less than fifteen minutes. The child gave my parent an art object on one occasion, and the sibling gave my parent baked goods in a glass Tupperware type container on another occasion! UGH!


@3: Stop wishing and tell her.


"masks are legally required outdoors" IF one can't stay 6 feet apart from others.


@2 you mean how Reagan knew for almost two years that AIDS was public health crisis and did absolutely nothing?

I see a theme here. Republicans do not care when hundreds of thousands of Americans die. It's not a conspiracy. You sociopaths do it right out in the open.