I, Anonymous: Be Kind to Restaurant Workers



This former food service worker is telling you that it never gets any better and you must get out of that line of work ASAP. No excuses or you are just sucked right back in.


I hadn't considered the "refused an offer of work" issue might apply to restaurant workers. It seems the options are:

a) stay at home and draw unemployment based on the income of the last quarter worked (which would presumably be better if laid off at the start of this whole mess), and hope it sustains you until things are back to some semblance of normal; or

b) return to work in an industry that does not pay minimum wage because it's assumed tips will more than make up the difference, at a place that can only seat at 25% capacity maximum, so obviously tipping rates will be much smaller.

That's pretty fucked.


It seems like the point they are trying to make is not about getting another job or for people not to go out to eat, but for people to recognize the reality of what servers go through. Lots of people are disregarding health mandates. And being nice to each other takes no effort. Did we learn nothing in kindergarten?


Well written statement. You are risking your health so people can socialize. But worse still, you are risking your life to keep your owner's company in business. And refusing a job would stop your unemployment benefits. I hope you make sure to put your personal safety ahead of a cranky mask-less pinhead who can't cook and socialize in a healthier manner by making time for your own masking/distancing/washing hands. I have a feeling that if you fell sick the company would replace you immediately and move on. So take care of yourself.