Why not get on board with your community's feelings and ditch the flag and ditch being concerned about a bullshit job he had years ago contributing to the total racket that is war? I don't wave flags for the job I had 20 years ago. In fact, I say that that job can go fuck itself.

People in Seattle don't respect veterans because non-drafted veterans chose themselves to contribute to the destruction of the world. It's the same bullshit as the "Blue Lives Matter". police/volunteer service is not a race. You CHOSE. Live with the consequence of your choice, dumbass.


I'm always amused by these assholes who think the rest of us owe them something because they CHOSE to be mercenaries for American Imperialism. I find it offensive as fuck that these mercenaries get pensions and healthcare paid for with my taxes, when most of us who work regular jobs that are actually productive do not get them. Fucker gets a pension after 20 years, and expects us to respect them too, while the rest of us are just lucky to stay at one job for 20 years, much less have anything more than Social Security, if we can make it to 65.


"doesn't waste their time virtue signaling"


Isn't your entire "I, Anonymous" about how you don't like the response you get from Seattleites when... you and your husband engage in virtue signaling?

What else is flying an American flag except "virtue signaling?" (Oh, wait, right, forgot: only left wing snowflakes can virtue signal.)

If you so desperately need "thank you for your service," move to the South.


Spot the commenters on this thread born into middle-class lifestyles who don't understand why anyone would ever sign up for military service instead of going directly to the college of their choice. And gosh, why would anyone who has seen multiple tours of combat need continuing medical coverage or a modest pension? Can't they just ask mommy and daddy for money? Or wait to inherit the house? What's wrong with them?

I'm sure your husband thought he was doing the right thing, and was willing to back that up with his life. Thank him for his service. Sorry your dick neighbors have a laminating machine and too much time on their hands.


"Go fuck yourself" IS just the quintessential Seattle equivalent of southern hospitality. Deal with it or get bent.


lol how much do you want to bet one of those "other flags" is a confederate flag?



There was an old joke that used to go:

Q: How can you tell the difference between someone from NYC and someone from Seattle?

A: In Seattle, when they say "nice to meet you" they mean "go fuck yourself" and in NYC it's the opposite.

Apparently, we've become a little more like NYC since that joke was coined, except now when we say "go fuck yourself" it actually means "go fuck yourself"...


I cal BS.

Admittedly, I moved to Shoreline three years ago, but for 23 years in Seattle, I--a queer bleeding heart liberal who is also a former Boy Scout--flew my big ass U.S. flag all of the time. It is true that in June there was also a Pride Flag flying on a lower flag pole on the front of my house, but the other 11 months of the year there was the good old Stars n Stripes flying and not once in those 23 years did anyone vandalize the flag, slip me an angry note (laminated or otherwise), or even comment on my flag when I put it up each morning or when I took it down or when I was out weeding the lawn or whatever.

If this person is getting nasty notes, they are most certainly doing something in addition to flying their U.S. flag. There's got to be some political signs or other things they are putting up in addition to the flag provoking their neighbors.


@#9: She write that they're unit flags, probably not, can't help wondering, based on the comments here, is this how you would treat Tammy Duckworth?


โ€œWe have a Trump sign in the yard and a Confederate flag plainly visible (along with a US flag), but what I wanna know is why do Seattleites hate veterans??โ€


If you assume that all flag waivers are idiot racists, then you have succeeded in letting conservatives define what it means to be patriotic. I am a Seattle liberal who also flies the flag and the only comments I have gotten are positive. In doing so, I honor what it represents to me.


A Trump apologist begging forgiveness for being a bigot.
But bigotry is not an opinion, lady.


Fake. If not, OP is probably being an asshole outside of the flag flying and that's why they're getting the notes. We have enough vets around here such that no one gives a shit if you're flying unit flags.

They DO, however, give a shit if you're, oh I don't know, flying a Confederate battle flag with Trump signs in your yard. That'll get you some notes.


I second @5, as a 9/11 veteran i have never experienced anti vet sentiment, quite the opposite. Your husbands service is not required to be honored by others, itโ€™s a thankless job, the honor is your own. There are millions of us out here not parading around our service, snowflake.


Interesting that all of us, (myself included) have assumed that the poster is female and as far as that goes, nothing in this post suggests that the writer is, or their husband is a right wing tRump supporter perhaps they're not.
In a city with safe for rich white people) Seattle and Mike Sloan, is an aging Millennial, and his spouse really the best target of your vitriol?


Ah luv mah cuntry an I luv mah flaaaaag


Typical conservative whininess and self-victimization. We fly an American flag at Chez Vel-DuRay on national holidays, and have done so for years without anyone ever saying anything about it. I suspect this is is a case of someone who gets butthurt when he tells people that he was in the military and people don't fawn over him.

Aside from some hard-core lefties (some of whom are vets themselves) I really don't remember anyone in Seattle being particularly anti-veteran. Probably because Seattle/WA state has so many ties to the military, and our region has a ton of bases.


@21 - few vets demand respect this way, but many spouses of vets sure as hell do. I grew up in a military family, posted throughout the US, and in my personal experience the active duty members just went about their business and didn't seek out any special recognition. But I saw more than a small number of spouses throw a hissy if they felt they weren't being properly adored for their "family's sacrifice". So I wouldn't be shocked if this letter is legit. And I think we can all see in our mind's eye the LW's hairstyle.


You didn't say what was writing on the nasty notes. But do close your garage door.


Professor dear, I was in ROTC too!!! But I didn't go on to service. I just couldn't sign that document that said I wouldn't go for dick. Plus, they thought I would be dandy in a missle silo somewhere, and I would be suicidal in a missle silo somewhere.

Papa Vel-DuRay was in the Army Air Corps during WWII, and while his time in the service was always a part of him, he didn't make a big deal out of it (after all, almost every adult male was a veteran when I was a child). After 9-11, when fetishization of the military went into overdrive, I remember my sister "thanking him" for his service and his reply was "jesus, give it a rest".


"itโ€™s a thankless job,
the honor is your own."

sorry I couldn't get here sooner
I was out laminating
various laments
damn there's

but yeah that's how they gottta Sell those Wars
not as Corporate Welfare (yur WELCUM Boeing Raytheon ad Mort) but as Heros who died for some Greater Power/Greater Good you can never quite put your finger on but to Sacrifice life and limb for keeping the Planet Safe!* (for Capitalism) is kinda a Hard Sell.

*someone remind me -- WHY did we go to Iraq?
what did we Sacrifice so many for and
Wheretf have all those Sacrifices
benefitted Iraq or U.S?

@22 -- the Higher the hair
the Closer to God.

speaking of which:
"I remember my sister 'thanking him' for his service and his reply was 'jesus, give it a rest'."

we got us
a Yahtzee.


oh and whatabout cadet bones spurz
and his $hameful treatment of
our Military?

taking money from Military Housing*
and spending on his little Vanity Wall

*still those got Rats? Well,
you can thank trumpf! for
the mildew and mold
and She don't Care
do you? too.


Um whoa. Way to prove the OP's point.

I consider myself progressive. I did and continue to oppose the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. I think our country needlessly inserts itself into way too many other countries' conflicts, and we spend way too much on the military.

But I also have a younger brother that was in the infantry, was deployed to Afghanistan, and suffered from PTSD.

Yeah, he chose to do it, but it impacted the whole family. And yeah, we tried to convince him not to sign-up. But he did, and he was sent to war, and we spent a year worrying there'd be that knock on the door, and then we had a few years of heartbreak watching him struggle with alcohol abuse and suicidal ideation and hoping he'd find peace and recovery.

If you don't support the military complex, I get that. But focus your rage on those in charge, and kindly keep your comments to yourself when it comes to the individuals, and their families, that were sent into those war zones.

You don't have to give them fake reverence, or kiss their asses for protecting your freedom, just say nothing.


@27 -- "But focus your rage on those in charge... "


"... and kindly keep your comments to yourself when it comes to the individuals, and their families, that were sent into those war zones.

You don't have to give them fake reverence, or kiss their asses for protecting your freedom, just say nothing."

yeah, that's not always gonna happen
it's as American as a two-way street.

but just Remember:
"and when the band plays
'Hail to the Chief!' ooowhoo
they're pointin' the Cannon at
--John Fogerty
Credence Clearwater Revival


very well said, Perfessor.


'What if they had a War*
and NO one showed up?'

what IF.

*a War of Choice
NOT self-defense
including "self-defense."

See: the USofA:
it Used To Be the
Department of WAR
but now it's the "Defense"
Department. Defending un-
fettered Capitalism Planet-fucking Wide.


I'm annoyed because my family served and I had a shitload of pressure to enlist, up to and including my mom driving me to the military recruiter when I was 17 just before we went into Iraq. Thanks Mom!

Anyway, I was living in Texas and suddenly there was this massive GOP appropriation of supporting the troops and being the party that was the most patriotic and shit. But they just paid them lip service! Or so many of them only supported them in name only, and the flew the flag and made it some kind of thought police thing to speak out against the wars because of 9/11!!! NINE ELEVEN OHMFG NINE ELEVEN HOLY SHIT WHAT DID YOU SAY YOU TRAITOROUS FUCK. I mean people faced real ostracism if they even questioned the fact that we didn't have a legit casus belli to be in Iraq and that the top brass under Rumsfeld were superseding Shinseki's own recommendations.

And when it came right down to it, the GOP abandoned their hero worship so long as the veteran was a democrat or didn't fit their stereotype. Since WWII people of color have fought in the wars and still come home to a country that ostracized and excluded them. You had to fit this arbitrary image, this archetype, but if you were black or latino or queer no way! I mean look at John Kerry, he was awarded the Purple Heart and was openly mocked by Republicans in 2004 who wore bandages with purple hearts painted on them. How many times did Trump denegrate McCain's service? They abuse and only fetishize the military when they feel it serves some higher tribal interest, but ditch soldiers and their families like they do so many homeless vets on their streets when they would actually have to lift a finger.

So yeah, OP might be real and those people who are actively fucking with them are in the wrong, but I also suspect there is some other provocative symbol or display there to incense the rabid lefties and all that. But nobody owns the fucking military, citizens don't get to act like it belongs to them and they represent it just because some duck hunting hillbillies dress in camo and play backwoods paintball and Halo COD on XBox live and get into flame wars with 12 year olds on the mic. Shit's tiresome and annoying as fuck. If you want to support the troops fund the fucking VA and stop sending buddies to kill and die for unquenchable greed.


Thots an preyers
1 like = 1 troop


I would say yes, I believe the letter writer has experienced unsolicited letters and disdain, because my brother has experienced outright hostility for serving.

Which again, you don't have to fall over yourself to thank someone for serving, you just...look the other way and ignore their flags and other personal displays that memorialize their service.

Because I can promise you while my brother too is conflicted about his time in the service, he did choose to do it, it had a profound impact on his life and he's going to honor what that did for him, and for his family.

And unfortunately yeah, there are a lot of people that will metaphorically spit on him for that. He shouldn't have to feel pressured to hide that because he lives in a liberal community that has very specific views of said service.


@34 -- oh yeah if nothing else we libs
are all lined Up specifically in lox-step,
prearranged Agreement.

it's Kshama's Daily Marching Orders*
shall I add you to her Daily Subscribers' List?
that way, you'll have all the Answers too.

and as long as we aren't Required
to heap big Praise all over someone
I think most of us are grateful someone
stood in, for us. We Hate the fact that he had
to Go there in the 1st place; and yet We're STILL THERE.

as our our Troops

"He shouldn't have to feel pressured to hide that... "

btw -- this is America and we have ALL kinds of people we shouldn't hafta be pressured into having to Put Up With. Take Moscow McMich. Please. and the 75 million (likely only twenty or thirty, trumpf had everything all staged and arranged beforehand but for his Utter Incompetency, just might have pulled the whole Thing off) who voted for the WORST PRESIDENT in HISTORY (and that's Saying something in this little Universe) take them all too wait -- what am I saying?

E Pluribus unum bitches
or Bust

*it's like FOX only without all the Fascism
and corporate apologeticia for being
the Lap Dogs.
they are.

pardon my digressions...


Harold, Harold Lauder is that you?


@7 Why should America's mercenaries get better treatment than those of us who pay their salaries? I get how someone who decided they were fine with killing people, as long as they get paid, and they country tells them to would need medical care after that. Hell, most of them probably also need serious therapy from the experience. I don't get why you seem to think that working class don't need medical care after a few decades of selling their bodies to corporate America. Your contempt for regular workers is obvious. The point is that the OP is an arrogant, right-wing, piece of shit, and she wants the rest of us to think she is special, and treat her so.

If she wants to be that sort of "patriotic" war-monger, she is free to fuck off, and move to Trumplandia with the rest of the scum.

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