I, Anonymous May 31, 2022 at 9:23 pm
Steven Weissman



Can the robots be programmed to terminate anyone holding up the line by writing a check and not starting to fill it out before the cashier is done?


Good idea, I need to rethink the way I shop too, I usually take more than 15 items through the self checkout lane because I like to check my stuff out myself. You're right, there are jobs and people on the line here, thanks for reminding me about that, Anon.


I’m perfectly happy to miss out on the “human interaction” of the grocery store line if that means I can get out of the store more quickly. Like most people, I go to the grocery store to pick up the food items I need, and then get them back home… Wasting time and slowing down the line of customers by yammering about inconsequentials, cooing at the cute toddler in someone’s shopping cart or waxing rhapsodic about how beautiful that box of blueberries looks isn’t helpful to anyone. THAT’S why more people are using the robots to check out. Do us all a favor and save the “human interaction” for cocktail hour.


The self-checkout machine doesn't comment on my food purchases. That alone makes it superior to people.


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