Why do residents of Seattle think it's okay to bring their four-legged friends EVERYWHERE they go? I've seen them at the drug store, the grocery store, and most recently sharing a booth at a bar. 

Before some of you get your leashes in a bunch, I, too, have a dog. I have no problem seeing a pooch on a patio or across the aisle from me when I catch the 8 bus to Seattle Center. In fact, I see one particular dog every Saturday morning on the bus, and it's adorable.

But for the love of God (and dog), indoor spaces that serve or sell food should be off limits.

Case in point: The other day I took a stroll to see what goodies were available at a nearby bakery on Capitol Hill. A person walking their dog in front of me entered the bakery just before I did. As we all waited in line, the dog took a shit on the rug.

The dog’s owner attempted to clean it up, but that made even more of a mess. Then, the dog's owner proceeded to GET BACK IN LINE! The person working the counter was appalled, I was thoroughly grossed out, but this dog-owner had no shame in fulfilling their carb craving with dog-shit hands. 

A sign that reads "We love your furry friends, but please leave them outside while you place your order” should be added to the litany of COVID precautions that places tape to their doors. 

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