The speed limit across the entire strip of Delridge Way is 25 mph. But you, sir, in your Black Mercedes Benz with black-tinted windows and rims, sped up to tailgate me to the point where our bumpers were kissing. That's dangerous, so don’t mind me for brake-checking you! 

Rather than take the hint, you pulled up alongside me to show off your macho, cis-man energy. Were you trying to impress your girlfriend in the passenger seat with that gun you were carrying? Or did you actually scare the living shit out of her when you decided to shoot it at me?!

The fact that you shot at someone over such a minor incident not only shows your complete disregard for other people, but it shows just how fragile of a person you are. You, sir, are the problem in ‘Merica, where mass shootings, gun violence, and toxic masculinity continue to plague society. 

I hope your precious, delicate ego crumbles along with all the other asshole drivers in the world, and I bid you a HUGE fuck you. Adieu. 

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