Steven Weissman



I hope your first report of this was to 911, and your second report was to The Stranger.


@1 I'd put more faith in the stranger staff finding and arresting that person than the cops.

I used to do the brake check thing to tailgaters too, but that's definitely a gamble. Nowadays if I'm in the mood I will just slow down to a crawl. I love looking in the rear-view mirror to see the asshole completely melting down. It's great to have that much control over someone else's mind, especially over something so trivial.



Yeah, there used to be speed traps all over the place, especially Aurora north of the bridge and on 15th south of the Ballard bridge, but I haven't seen a motorcycle cop in either location in I don't know how long.

I guess all that short-staffing means they're spending more time at the donut shops these days than actually doing whatever it is we're supposed to be paying them to do...


I would just stay off Delridge in the evening. There was a shooting a few months ago on the same street, but it wasn't from a tailgating car, but possibly some car that was in some parallel alignment near by. A lot of wanna be gangstas with nothing better to do than hassle innocent people.


This is what happens when passive aggressive (aka the Brake-Check Kid) meets aggressive aggressive.

But you had the last laugh, by driving home verrry slowly, changing out of your soiled trousers, and typing up this salty anonymous burn!


^^^ found the gun nut psychotic tough guy


Tailgaters should be shot. That is all.


they havn't a Clue
what's in front of you
unless they can peek around
even then that ped or dog or deer
may surprise the fuck outta everyone

easier to yield the road
than to have a 'gater shove
you into the Abysss when they're
outta Options -- which is basically Usually


@8 - Excellent information for us speeders! I rejoice! And, seriously, 25 mph on Delridge, all the way....oh, fucking NO. 25 mph is senior citizen mph, and Delridge is free enough that it should really be at least 30 mph, or even 35. Then I'd be safe doing 5-over at 40!
Wasn't it Mayor Jenny-the-Jerk Dukan whose administration dropped the in-city MPH to 25? Totally screwy. Coming north on MLK Way from the I-5 exit, everyone is doing at least 45. Arterials are there for a reason, and it ain't 25-friggin mph.


Assuming you don't get shot in such an incident, that's the worst punishment you can inflict on Mr. Macho: Requiring him to spend the rest of his trip listening to his wife or girlfriend rag his ass all the way home for almost getting her killed just so he can look tough.


Considering the amount of road rage shootings and killings I've read about in our greater area lately, I'm truly just happy this writer made it out alive. This is not an isolated incident: it's a very dangerous trend. How many road rage shootings will there be until we collectively decide enough is enough? Can we at least make it illegal to carry a gun in the passenger areas of a car if it's not already??

I consider myself a courteous driver and I do try my best, but lately I have anxiety that I'll unwittingly piss someone off and they will rage kill me... an event that has happened multiple times in my corner of king county. This is no way to live :(

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