I was at the Garlic Crush in Issaquah on NW Gilman St waiting for my friend's car to get detailed when I saw you: a beautiful woman with darker-colored hair, a black shirt, and brightly colored, almost tie-dye leggings.

We looked at each other when you walked in, and then I kinda looked away. I'm pretty conscious of the discomforts that attend the male gaze, and I didn't want to make you feel unsafe or anything less than comfortable, so I carried on eating my meal.

As I walked out after finishing up, you drove by in a green Prius, and you seemed to slow down when you saw me. We looked at each other, laughed nervously, and then I blurted out, "You're very pretty!" 

I didn't think you heard me, but then I heard you say "thank you" before pulling away. As I stepped up onto NW Gilman to cross the street heading to David's Auto Detailing, on NW Mall St, you drove by again and waved to me. Unfortunately, you were in a busy turning lane near I-90, and so I had no chance to stop and say hi, if you wanted. 

I know nothing about you, but I just wanted to reach out and say hi. The Greater Seattle Area is a big place, with lots of people. I know the chances are low, but nothing ventured, nothing gained. 

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