I saw you at Trans Pride. You were holding a sign that read “fuck the police.” I agree; the band for sure, but the real ones? No, thank you.

You had free things, and I took a button. I gathered the courage to speak to you. You were wearing femme attire and had a beard. I told you how much I loved that. I told you I transitioned in 1995. I am sure that informed you that I am too old for you. That and, well, the rest of me.

But I could not help how much I was attracted to you. I told you I thought you were beautiful, and there was a moment where I felt that our eyes met and somehow our hearts and souls intermingled on an ethereal plane.

I know I am being silly, of course. My only regret is that I did not beg you to remove your mask so I could see your whole face.

But really I did not need to. I saw something in your eyes that moved me in a way no one has in such a long time. I just wanted to let you know that. Your beautiful, angelic face and your patience in talking with me for a moment provided me with new wonderful fantasies. That plus a couple of fully charged batteries was quite nice. 

Thank you, whoever you are. 

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