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What you should do is what I've done, which is grab their bag, put it on the floor in front of them, sit down, and ignore them.


But if the backpack was adorned with far left stickers you would have been less irritated. Got it.


@3: a "far left" sticker would have said something like "don't hog the seat", so both-sides fail.


Dan Rather's article "Why Am I Speaking Out?" is essential to understand and deflate trolls that rely on the Both-Side tool. Worth a read.

"In the end, false equivalence is just another way of obscuring the truth from your readers and viewers."


Dude, this happens on every bus and train in every city. Just tell them to move their bag and get on with your life.


@5: The fact that we're a pluralistic society is not a false-equivalence.


ask them to move it. if they don't move it for them.

stop being so passive if you want things to change Seattle.


honk your dang horn
when the driver ahead of you
is asleep at the wheel
as the light turns green!


@8 but passive is the way we do things here. This is the way.


@6, 8, 10....

I dunno. When someone is being THAT blatantly inconsiderate of other people, it just seems to me they're often times seeking confrontation. I certainly can't argue AGAINST saying something, and I've personally done so in at least comparable scenarios, but I've also become quite discerning about when I do/don't initiate with strangers.

Hell is other people.


Republicans are horrible people.



You know what else is "sad, very sad" is desperately trolling libtarded blogs at 5 in the freaking morning. Holy hamburgers man, find a decent therapist and get yourself some help.


"Conservatives" confuse their feelings for facts, and then bore the hell out of everyone else by constantly talking about their feelings. They're terribly high-strung.


Also, if you truly do get all hot & bothered by public displays of childish petulance related to inanimate objects, then I highly recommend searching youtube for videos of conservatives throwing temper tantrums upon being asked to wear a mask while doing their grocery shopping. It's truly sad (but also pretty freaking funny, especially when they wind up getting arrested for it. There's one of a 70 year old woman screaming in a bank teller line, claiming that her arm was broken when a cop threw her down to the ground to put on the handcuffs. Comedy gold!)


Why wouldn’t we, @17 dear?

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