Steven Weissman



This morning just before 5am a pack of coyotes in the yard started howling and yipping, I've never heard them so close before. Then I worried about Senor Gato the feral cat that has been sleeping out in my old truck for the last few years. Didn't take me long to spot him this morning which was a bit of a relief and of course he went the other direction as soon as he saw me as usual. His rude awakening this morning must have been way worse than mine.


ah yes. yet another perfect i anonymous. pointlessly whiny and trite. all is well in the world.


If this is the level of bitch you are on, life is pretty good. And I don't recall ever receiving any missing-cat "phone polls."


Fuck you, anonymous. I will wail a million times longer for lost cats and dogs than I ever will for you.


Outdoor cats are a menace to wildlife. A missing cat is just nature restoring the balance.

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