I, Anonymous Oct 19, 2022 at 9:56 am
Steven Weissman



Finally, an I Anon that fits what this column should be about - and I concur with it.


/Cuts a glory hole in a pumpkin out of spite.


Jeezy creezy I agree with Drippy on something - this is quality I,A.

Although I may be one of those avocado abusers. I don't think I am, but I don't know to gauge whether I'm using too much force or not on produce that has such a resilient hide.


apple pickers are advised to treat the fruit like eggs
put prints on too many apples in the bin and you may have to find work elsewhere
(in general don’t be a maniac when handling food
especially produce)


hmmm, will someone please squeeze my fruit?


I think this is 3 in a row old school appropriate I anons. Keep up the pointless and petty aggravations.


Ok just 3 out of 5 but 2 in a row. This is a start. Please no more stupid missed connections. Feel free to start a missed connections column for those that like that. Keep it petty and largely faceless here please.

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