Steven Weissman



on this!

--a semi-Rugged Individualist
an Army of One sovereign
Totally unto mineOwnself

't/s/he/y who control
the Lingo con-
Trol the

--Rupert 'Uncle
Snoopy' Murdoch

Happy Thanksgiving!
Please NO Choking!
make Two Trips


Happy T-day to Mr Kristo,
Auntie, Raindrop, and all of the bedraggled sloggers!


Right back at ya, Pat L! Happy Thanksgiving.


Everyone has replaced the word "use" with "utilize" and started saying the word "literally", with zero meaning, every other sentence, in order to sound more smarter. It's not working.


Loquacious or pedantic? Which is preferable?


I've aways Preferred
loquacious pedantry
but that's just Me.


Happiness to all "associates," "partners," "personal representatives," etc.


So The Stranger is now a shill for, is that it?


@4: Thank you!

Similarly, people (individuals, just to piss off the blowhard Anon) joke that the phrase "minor child" is redundant, but in a legal setting each term has a distinct meaning. Minor means below the age of majority, "child" (in a legal context) means "son" or "daughter", irrespective of age. The meanings of words in a technical context are often far more narrow than their colloquial usage would suggest.


It's true, that is why these individuals are using the word individual.


I also vote to stop the use of the word "folks" when you mean "people." It was cheezy when Obama overused it, and it's still cheezy today.


“Person of interest, sounds like “a suspect, but the cops don’t want to scare them so they keep quiet.” “Individual of interest” sounds like they should have think pieces written about them in the Atlantic.


@13 -- but
the Womenfolk?


Cops have no education so they try to sound smart. In every single Youtube video of cops they literally do their very best to end every single sentence with a preposition: "Where is your ID at?" It's like being a cop is the profession for people who can't do another job, want to shoot people, but don't want to be shot back at. (Haha! See what I did--I ended my sentence with a preposition). People who join the Marines want to shoot people too, but they have the honor of not minding being shot at (ah ha! I did it again!).

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