I know the overlap between Stranger readers and old white guys on Harleys is small, but I need your help to get the word out: Don't fucking drive a motorcycle on the sidewalk.

I couldn't believe it the first time I saw it. A grown, elderly man driving a street-legal motorcycle on the sidewalk down Fauntleroy in front of the Trader Joe's. As he putted past me, I told him he shouldn't be driving on the sidewalk. He said "thank you" and kept on trucking.

Later that day I saw a different middle-aged white dude with a red motorcycle on the sidewalk at Oregon and 42nd, where—get this—he ran into a car that was in the process of turning right. Then that same dude kept on biking down the sidewalk!

I get it, alright? Seattle streets are crazy, and as soon as we get rid of the cars, there will be more overlap between pedestrians and cyclists and scooterers, and even now there are all kinds of folks infringing on the sidewalk or the right of way with e-scooters and bikes. But if it's got an internal combustion engine, it belongs on the street.

I saw it again, today. Another old white guy entitling himself to the whole sidewalk. I shook my head. He had the gall to ask why I was shaking my head. Why? Because I'm sorry for the world that it has to put up with assholes like you!

Life is hard, for all of us. Don't make it harder by killing a pedestrian or a kid with your midlife crisis toy on a sidewalk.

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