What’s worse than looking at a bunch of cranes outside your window every day and night? Having them unimaginatively illuminated to a blinding degree so that your home turns into a glowing, Vegas-like hellscape. 

Ever heard of light pollution, you wasteful fucks?!

Did you know that the US is one of the biggest contributors to light pollution in the world, and that it seriously interferes with bird migration, wildlife in general, and the overall well-being of all people? And did you know it could be improved with minimal effort, starting with corporate awareness? Well, consider this your wake-up call! 

I know you need SOME lights to warn planes, but this these lights are overkill. Do you really think that your obnoxious, neon logos are driving incremental sales? Or that your boring-ass Christmas lights are spreading holiday cheer?? They’re NOT. But they ARE helping eye mask sales in Seattle, and they’re likely killing lots of birds. 

Please STOP polluting and spare us all of your tacky garbage lights. 

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