Welp, it happened again. My landlord raised my rent, zapping what little discretionary income I had left. But did the company at least take ownership of its decision? Of course not. Their representative blamed the City. Again. 

Here’s how they frame the City’s new law, which requires landlords to give tenants 180 days' notice if they hike rents: “We have to proactively increase rent 180 days prior to the date of any increase which has forced most landlords to automatically increase every 180 days regardless of market conditions so they don’t miss the window of opportunity.” 

This little passage tells me three things. 1) You were going to raise my rent at the next “window of opportunity” anyway—now you’re just mad that you have to give me more time to prepare. 2) You didn’t actually have to! You don’t have to be “most” landlords! 3) The City of Seattle isn’t forcing you to raise the rent! YOU are choosing to maintain your current profit margin at my expense. Say that instead, you scheming little fuck!