I, Anonymous Jan 12, 2023 at 12:58 pm
Steven Weissman



Sounds like someone needs to have a conversation not post an anonymous rant.


@1, "I have told you this unambiguously."


This is why I'm a cat person. I'm lazy. I understand the appeal of having a dog, but, no thanks. Sounds too much like raising a child.


I have had dogs my entire life and never once felt burdened, encumbered or restricted. I travel freely and do as I please and have well trained well behaved dogs that neither shit on or destroy anything in my home because I actually take time to train them. People only feel this way if they have never been raised by functioning adults and have not learned the requisite emotional and coping skills and/or if they get a dog are simply too lazy or incapable of training them.


When my dog died, I cried. A lot. He was a great companion: funny, affectionate, and he didn't shed or shit in the house.

That was 10 years ago, and I haven't gotten another one. I didn't even want another cat (I lost that argument). I can understand where Anonymous is coming from.


@4 ding! ding! ding!


4, It’s still a responsibility, and a fairly big one if you value life. I Can see where the writer is coming from - he didn’t want a lifetime of dogs….


maybe make the next one
a pocket poodle son
& perhaps you'll be
Slightly more free.


thank god they didn't have kids.


sounds like you need to talk to your husband and put the foot down: no more dogs.


"If that makes me a monster, fine."

Glad you've made your peace with this.


I would recommend getting a dogfish as a compromise.


There were so many practical ways to have improved the situation and communicate&compromise.... get a non-shedding dog, use more kennels and dog-sitters for pet-free vacations, creating dog-free rooms in the house etc ad naseum.

The dog is not the issue. This marriage is doomed!


yep. missed by a Fraction
Next time (If you're
gonna stick w/tS)
try Savage Love.


I guess you could just use 2CV’s argument if one spouse wanted kids and the other did not.

“Get a non-crying child. Spend the time to train them. Have kid free rooms. Use parents and babysitters for kid free nights and weekends. If you are worried about the price of college, get a scholarship.”


I grew up with dogs and had a dog whom I loved and cared for with thoughtfulness for her 13 and 1/2 years. She died almost two years ago and I still miss her. She filled a need and I supported her needs as best I could but I do really enjoy having a tidy yard, a house not covered in hair, and the ability to go away for a few days and not have to stress her out with my absence, etc. I would not be surprised if I never host another dog again as much of what I Anon says is valid. Dog people can be kind of the worst, just head down to Alki and watch if anyone tells them their dog doesnt belong on the beach at all and much less off leash at that......

I Anon clearly needs to tidy up their dynamic with their other but whatevs. Dont stand up for your needs and be not surprised they arent met. You arent a dog after all, you can speak your mind freely.


The letter writer is an asshole. Does anyone believe, after he takes the dog and leaves it alone out in the country to get rid of it, that he won't find something else to focus his anger on?
Time for his partner to leave him, and take herself and
the dog out of his life.


Sounds like a shitty person that can’t communicate with their partner, nor accept responsibility for their choices.

The dog isn’t the problem. You are.

I feel bad for the dog. And the partner.


Fuck dogs.

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