Dear dog owners, dog sitters, and dog walkers of Seattle, 

I only walk a few blocks a day, and yet on each trip I see a little baggie of dog shit discarded some place it should not be. I am happy you've committed picking up after your pet, but why are you leaving it around?
I've seen it piled on a recycling bin, under a bush, in the middle of the sidewalk, on a rock, or even tossed in the hollow of a landmark tree, the untied end of the bag left to wave in the breeze—why get so close to the goal just to fail so spectacularly?
Shit goes in the baggie for YOUR hygiene and safety, but it goes in the garbage bin for OURS. It is less "yucky" to step on a bag of shit than it is to step on loose shit, but once it's been smeared into a puck or burst at the seams, no one is going to peel it up to finish your shit job!
Perhaps you are just forgetting and dropping it from your hand, so here: Carry a second bag, stick your wrist through the handles, and carry the baggie in that bag until you get to a garbage can. Most of those little green bags don't compost; they have to go in the trash. Your goal is in sight. Make it happen.

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