If I’m starting to walk across the street and I stop and gesture for you and your car/truck/whatever to go first, then DON’T FUCKING ARGUE WITH ME. 
If someone is grateful for your offer, they will avail themselves of it and you’ll both be merrily on your ways. If not—take the fucking hint.
Maybe I’m not being nice. Maybe I just don’t want to hurry through the crosswalk, as I’ll feel obligated to. Maybe I have a physical impairment that you can’t see. Maybe I see all the traffic backed up behind you. Maybe you don’t realize that from my angle I can’t even see you in the car waving me across. Maybe you’re so busy being nice that you don’t notice the oncoming traffic in the other lanes that I’d have to cross to get to where I’m going. Maybe I’m just not in as much of a hurry as you assume I am. 
The only thing you knew is that you offered to let me me cross in front of your car and that I politely refused, and yet you still insisted. That’s not courtesy, it’s control. Move on, would-be Samaritan. There’s no one to help here.

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