Around rush hour on April 4, traffic going up Olive Street stopped for a pair of pedestrians crossing Harvard Ave. Incurious as to why traffic was stopped, you sped around the stopped cars, nearly killing one of the pedestrians. A difference of seconds would have cost those people their lives. They said they were okay, but they were visibly shaken. 

In addition to calling you out for your carelessness, I’d like us all to take a moment to consider the dangerous hyper-individualism baked into commuting in a city by car. Once enclosed within the safety of your metal box, the community outside becomes a mere inconvenience. People are not human but rather obstacles that slow the speed at which you reach your very important destination.

But until our city planners actually do something about the destructive consequences of automobile-first infrastructure, slow the fuck down and remember the human life you put at risk when you make hasty and impatient decisions behind the wheel.

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