As I tabled at the Seattle Art Book Fair on Saturday, you walked down the aisle with a perfect nonchalance. You were tall and handsome, but what I really noticed was your coat. You were wearing a powdery pastel lilac canvas jacket. It was so beautiful. You looked so good in it. It fit you perfectly. I simply had to say something.

“I love your coat! It’s such a perfect color.”

Your response floored me. You gave a gentle grin and uttered seven words that stopped me in my tracks:

“Do you want to try it on?”

You are a robust man who is probably at least 6’4”. I am a humble transmasc who clocks in at 145 lbs and only recently started filling out a T-shirt. There is absolutely no way your jacket would fit me. But I did 100% say yes.

You handed over your gorgeous treasure of a garment with ease and trust. Its weight felt perfect hanging off my shoulders. We bantered a little and parted ways, but not before we repeated each other’s names and smiled.

“I think I just found my new boyfriend,” I whispered to my table-mate. I was mostly joking, but something about that interaction warmed a cold and distant part of my heart. Thank you for meeting a stranger with openness and joy. If you are out there and you are reading this, you seem like the type of person I would like to know. Let’s eat some french fries and watch the sunset. I’ll wear your coat.

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