Dear Seattle, 

I tried for seven years to make our relationship work, but I’m finally calling it quits. I’m packing my bags and moving to the affordable Midwest. I’m taking the cat. You can keep the plants. They were all dying from lack of sun anyways!

And before you try manipulating me again–telling me I’ll never find another city as progressive as you, or making me fearful that if I leave you, then I’ll be targeted for being trans–let me just remind you that OTHER BLUE STATES EXIST! They’ll protect my rights, too! And you know what’s scarier than getting misgendered by old church ladies? Not knowing if you’ll be able to pay rent this month! 

So don’t even start, Seattle! I loved you! I did everything I could to make this work. I found Seattleite friends… mostly because I learned how to play Dungeons & Dragons. I hiked, camped, adventured! I didn’t just transplant here to take up space like another tech worker. I gave you all my energy as a nonprofit health care worker, and I busted my ass for years. Then I’d go home, sob in the shower, dry off, and throw on my uniform for my second job. 

And when you gaslit me and said it was MY FAULT for not making enough money to thrive!? I started working in the private sector so I could make more, stay here longer! But it just ended up with me burnt out and pandering to entitled techies while I ate nothing but rice and beans all year.

So, before I go, I just want to tell all the other struggling Seattle folks, especially the service workers, the health care professionals, the helpers, the double-jobbers: Don’t let this city tell you that you don’t deserve anything better, or that you want too much. You aren’t the one failing to thrive in the city. This city is failing you. 

And if you ever get to your breaking point and need to go–it’s going to be okay! There are handsome progressive towns and cities out there. Seattle needs to better support all the wonderful people here instead of just coddling its tech workforce, otherwise there won’t be anyone left to run the city and be Seattle’s soul <3. 

So long, and thanks for all the fish, Seattle!

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