Steven Weissman



ffs grow some
Weed! or 'weeds'
as you see fit -- it's
Your Estate! take down
a Deer and a Pheasant and
maybe one of the peasants who're
Stealing your carrots & rutabagas and Onions

Good Lord
there's a
Leaf out-
ta Place!



I’m disappointed at the distinct lack of comments berating IA. Rally round trolls this one is right up your alley. Get them pearls out and clutch them tightly just like IA.


Sure, yell at the normies about their lawns. That'll bring 'em around.

You are a good person and a highly effective advocate, and certainly nobody could accuse you of just hollering up your own asshole. The cause of environmentalism and indeed, the planet itself thank you for your brave and impactful words.


I live in North Admiral in West Seattle. My neighbor down the street lives on a corner lot and she has created the most incredible garden occupying her entire yard and the parking strips. Flowers, food, evergreens for the winter. Beehives, really!! No grass. It is a joy and inspiration to walk by daily, and she is a really nice lady to chat with on the way by. We are killing our grass this summer and planting flowering meadow grass in the fall. No more mowing or watering. (We have not done chemicals for decades) If you have a yard, get aboard this train!


A nice garden lawn takes a lot of work to do it right, don't think otherwise. They can turn into spiraling messes fairly easily. That said, you control your property and let others control theirs. If you don't like someone else's lawn choice, tough titty.


This could be a reality, if not for the iron grip of the American HOA.


That shit is expensive. Also that shit takes a ton of water. If you let your lawn go brown in the summer it will come back in the winter. If you let anything else go brown it will die. Gardens are resource draining and time consuming. Also, the clover in my grass is full of bees.


We converted our lawns to native heather, local flowers, and beauty bark a long time ago.

Rarely need to water it, never need fertilizer


@10 exactly my point, why was I the first, IA had been up for 4 hours, do better slog.
My shitty opinion still stands.


@1: Not "weeds". Please. When my HOA starts to get its nose out of joint, I prefer to call my lawn an "experiment in biodiversity".


Imagine having a life so easy that you have the time, energy and inclination to be that angry over someone’s lawn.


@15: Oh yes, the unrelenting twisted and tangling destructive invasion of the blackberry, ivy, and morning glory.


I love the houses that hire like a 4 man landscaping crew to come leaf blow their 800 sq ft lawn. People have too much money here.


Like most things in life, it's all relative. We have neighbors who had lush (and non-chemical, for you nervous types) lawns when their children were young, because that was their play space. Those children have grown up and flown the coop, and those neighbors have either let their yards go to seed, have built "Detached Accessory Dwelling Units" on them, or just sold out to the maximize-every-square-foot-in-the-name-of-"affordability" thing the city has going on (which is not only a sloppy French kiss to developers, but almost as dopey as "Vision Zero")

I have a neighbor who is also a dear friend from back in college days, who is particularly precious about how he has let his yard "go natural", but he fails to understand that there is a huge difference between letting your yard go to hell (which is laziness) and converting it over to more appropriate landscaping (which is a task)


Here we go again. Another comment thread about the lack of lawn order in Seattle.


@[the former] Holmes:
Reactionaries don't
Do no Stinkin'
'bio' nor

I'd expect to be
at Any given


@22: "Rounded-Up"

I see what you did there.


Not everyone has the time, energy, or skills to
prevent a public nuisance, like a Knot Weed
infestation. Glad you have your opinion. For
us, we scraped off the grass 15 years ago.


Translation: I live in a studio apartment with my partner, an overweight cat and two scraggly houseplants, so your lawn makes me angry as I walk to the bus stop to attend another demonstration in the Council chambers at the behest of Kshama Sawant.

(For the record, I replaced my lawn with ground cover and shrubs. But please feel free to hate me for having a yard.)


we don't hate you for your
Estate, St. Man but we
Love having the
Freedom to
hate you

at least
till the Reactionaries
finally replace the CC with more Reactionaries

& outlaw

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