A city has places to eat, drink, and be merry all night long. 

But on weekends Seattle starts dying off at 9 pm in a lot of restaurants, 11 pm for food at a lot of bars, and 2 am for booze. After that, there’s, like, IHOP, The 5 Point, and the tiny kingdom of Seattle hot dogs. That's it! 

Tough luck to all you medical staff, flight attendants, service industry professionals looking to decompress after work, insomniacs, and people going through weird break-ups!

Don't get me started on the weekdays. The other day, servers started stacking chairs on tables as I was wrapping up dinner at the late, late hour of 8:30 pm. What the fuck.

And now I'm hearing that the city's last 24-hour pharmacy is closing? Where’s a girl supposed to pick up her UTI medicine when she's in need? What the fuck kinda retirement village are we running here?

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