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I was in Boston and NYC recently and struggled to find anything open so late - the post-COVID workforce isnt what it used to be.


@2 when I was in New York a decade ago there wasn’t much open past midnight except for a few hotel bars, and a few down houston that looked like they fell right out of a Billy Joel song. IA You might want to learn to cook, bonus, you’ll save money to move to a bigger city.


There used to be 13-Coins.


this is an up-and-at-em city, toots.


If there was enough business to make it worth staying open all night, I have no doubt that there would be options. Supply, meet demand.


Bullshit. You make up a definition of city and then say we don't meet your definition. A city is any town with more than 30,000 residents. Yakima is a city.


You could just move back to NYC like you always planned, and stop whining about it.

Or move to SBA and then complain even more.


So true. I've lived on Capitol Hill since the early 90s, and it's comparatively very sleepy now. And culturally, it's seriously gone downhill. I so miss the culture snobs that used to define cities. If I wanted to go to a Taylor Swift/Britney Spears dance night, I would have stayed in the suburbs.


Seattle is a small town pretending to be a city.


There used to be way more options pre-covid. There was also way more stores open late, but covid caused a lot of places to close significantly earlier and it’s still not back to normal—partially because some stores had lower shrinkage when they cut the really late/early hours. Staffing is another part of the problem—who wants to work those hours?

Even places that weren’t late night spots had later hours than they do now.

It sucks. Like, you could always go to Memo’s, Northstar, Beth’s, Thirteen Coins, and a plethora of other places. There was also more 24 hour drive-thrus too. At the very least, it was possible to find plenty of food options up to when the bars closed. And then hit up a QFC for some snacks if it was past 2.


Taylor Swift/Britney Spears dance night sounds pretty fun!


Reno, with a 24-hour tourist economy, has 1/8 the population of Seattle, but 131 out of 100K of the women who live there will develop breast cancer, vs 45 in Seattle. Unlike the Workmans Comp system in the US, Denmark’s has for years recognized night-shift as a contributing factor in screwing with our circadian rhythms, resulting in breast cancer. Diabetes and stress-related illnesses come into play as well.


You didn't move here thinking this is a big city, did you? Seattle is an overgrown small regional city with a few HQ for longshot corporations that hit big, some fatuous "world class city" fantasy claims largely because of that, and exorbitant housing prices like other information industry magnet cities. So it's a small city with a grandiose facade, that's all. (And the facade includes some pretty boring and even tacky architecture.) It's not the Big Apple and you shouldn't expect Big Apple goings-on. The sidewalks roll up here at night.


Wow! So many defensive people! I agree with you 100%, and as a service industry worker of over 25 years here, I can attest to the fact that Seattle USED TO have a pretty interesting late night.

It can happen again, there’s certainly a demand for it, if the folks running our township ever want to join the ranks of major cities again.

I am currently working on acquiring funding for a late night establishment, because I know so many people who get off work or have lunch breaks after the day-walkers have tucked in for the night, and the response so far has been quite positive.

I’m hoping Seattle can figure out late night soon-the World Cup looms in the distance, and people visiting here are going to expect late night options. It would be embarrassing and possibly detrimental to our tourism clout, to let them down.


PS: For you people who say the Big Apple is sleeping- I’m transplant from the NYC area who was just back there to visit family fairly recently. If you can’t find 24hour stuff to do, it’s just because you don’t know where to look.


I was really expecting to come here and see people naming all the 24 hour places she forgot. Beth's, the North Star Diner, Memo's, Lost Lake, etc..


Ludi's was not mentioned either, happy they reopened though. good times there, woof. haha. there's mecca cafe in LQA, they are open every hour that serves alcohol.

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