If I go to a coffee shop to order a cup of drip, I should be able to pay with a five-dollar bill. What is this newly accepted thing where businesses don’t accept cash!? It’s LEGAL TENDER!!! 

Are we too lazy to count the till at the end of the night? Too bad at math to account for the comings and goings of coins? Too worried about getting robbed? Grow up. 

If a business is cash-only, you can walk to the nearest gas station or bank and get cash from an ATM. The same is not true in reverse. Gas stations don’t have debit cards available for purchase. Also, gas stations accept cash because they are grown-up businesses, so I’ve been buying very mediocre cups of drip from them. Thank you, gas stations.

Additional point: what if the power or internet goes out? Give me my dang coffee in exchange for this physical representation of economic value!

Final additional point: nothing worse than when a barista won’t accept my cash for the coffee but has a nice little tip jar full of ones and fives on the counter. Absurd behavior.

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