Word to the wise: cart gremlins exist, and I am one of them. 

When you block the aisle with your grocery cart and then walk away to wolf down some sample or whatever, I take your cart. I first check to see if there is a baby or a purse in your buggy, and if it's clear of both, then I move your shit. 

I’ll move it around the corner, to the next aisle, or sometimes to another department. I wait and watch you looking for it, wondering how you could have misplaced an entire cart of groceries. Sometimes you find it, but sometimes you give up and find another cart to start over. 

Simply parking your cart to one side of the aisle like a decent human being would have prevented all of this. But you don't care about the people who have to sit and wait for you to come back from stuffing samples down your gullet. It's infuriating. And I'm paid hourly, bitches, so game on.

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