Did someone at King County Metro get emotionally scarred on Route 5 or something? The inconsistency with this line is off the charts. KCM already cut one route (RIP 16X) that ran close to the same path, so the buses that DO show up are packed on the way to and from downtown. Now the only line that runs north-south through Fremont and Phinney Ridge has the same chances of showing up on time (or at all) as the Mariners do of attending the World Series (sorry M’s fans). 

I stand at my bus stop downtown for sometimes close to an hour waiting for a bus that will get me even close to my home, watching numerous buses for other routes (why does Magnolia need so many buses??) pass me by, and I wonder what Route 5 did to piss off KCM so terribly. 

For a city that claims to prioritize sustainability and public transit over cars, it sure has a funny way of showing it. Please, King County Metro, pay your drivers the wages they deserve and provide them the protections they are begging for so this embarrassing display of public transportation can have some hope of improvement.

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