We were both stopped at the same red light heading north into downtown. It was a pitch black, painfully early morning, and it was already pouring rain in anticipation of a thunderstorm that afternoon. 

You yelled to get my attention, and I grouchily leaned over to roll down the window in my ancient Jetta, wondering if I was just inviting trouble along with the rain into my morning. 

You told me that my engine sounded like it was knocking, and that I probably needed oil. I was too sleepy to properly respond, and the light turned green.

Sure enough, when I got to work and checked, the dipstick came out nearly clean. 

Thank you, kind stranger, for saving my little car from my neglectful habits. I am sorry for doubting your intentions. I don't know if you usually work as a mechanic, but I hope you continue your car whisperer ways. 

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