What’s up with the recent trend in young fans bringing signs to sports games begging athletes for their jerseys or gear?! 

I have seen a massive increase of fans holding up signs that read, ”Can I have your jersey” or, “Rock, paper, scissors for your stick?” 

I saw two different signs at Megan Rapinoe's last game asking for her cleats. Really?? You think she's going to give her custom-designed final home game cleats to a random kid in the stands? You got to make one sign to bring to a historic NWSL game, and you chose to make it about getting a thing from someone else rather than cheering on your heroes?

The whole concept of making a sign to beg for a piece of gear cheapens the whole experience. What happened to the days of witty, homemade signs from kids rooting for their favorite players?

This is not just a Seattle problem, but, Seattle parents, I urge you to help put an end to this maddening trend. 

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