I’m tired of all y’all saying “another one bites the dust,” or “😢,” or “I have so many memories here…” when one of your local neighborhood restaurants posts their closure announcement. Thank you for your kind words, but where the fuck were you? Haven’t seen you in over a year. 

If you’re even fortunate enough to live in a neighborhood walkable to local restaurants, we understand that you feel connected to them. They’re an added value to your property, and it makes you look cool to recommend a nice place to out-of-towners. But you need to show the fuck up. 


We’re not going to wipe your emoji tears. There are real tears shed by real humans who are loosing their jobs, small business owners who have lost literally everything to create spaces for you to share meals and build community. So take off your Snuggie and Go. Support. Local. Restaurants. 
As an industry, we understand money is tight. But there is happy hour. There is sharing posts on your IG stories. For the love of god, step up to the plate, and if you do and your fav place still closes, THEN you’re allowed to cry in your castles.
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