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You have mutual friends. Test the water with them, and if negative, let that side of the relationship go. You are coming to their workplace, and they are treating you well, which they should. Don't confuse the two and ruin the fun place you visit. Tread lightly. Also, tell HIM that you're not interested in anything but fun conversation; that's it.


1 has extremely solid advise. Try to tactfully use some go-betweens. It'll improve the chances of saving a relationship that could be platonic and lovely if romantic vibes aren't matching.

But also....sweety effing JEEBUS. Once again, such a boring I,A. Spice it up, folks! Exaggerate! Stay truthful to whatever you're trying to communicate but put some damned effort into it. And for the love of gawd, if there's a "him" or "her" involved, give them a pseudonym "Carl" or "Dingus" or "Blue Girl." Constantly reading about people with only a pronoun as reference is tiresome.

Anyhow...D+. Try harder.


Why does this read like an 8th grader's diary entry?


Maybe that was a little harsh. Anyway. It's kind of sweet. That being said, take the chance or get off the pot.


Go for it! You only live once. Don't regret never acting on your feelings!

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