Opera Girl Looking For Ballet Loving Russian-Turk

You asked me about Malcolm X/for my # walking in lower Queen Anne - I was late, so I gave you my card. Hope you didn’t feel brushed off. Call me?

you use ASL

Saw you walking on Pine St., signing with a friend. Learning ASL now. Can't wait to chat with you next time!

Time Traveling Goth Librarian

Ada's on a Wednesday. I had blue hair. You were an elegant gothic beauty. Love your vibe. I'm convinced you run a secret library <3

The briefest emotional rollercoaster

You came into Pine Box, gave me a cute smile, went to the patio. But wait! You came back in! You walked to me! Oh, you left your phone on the chair.


you stopped to take a pic with me by the space needle. i was wearing a bandana shirt and your were so handsome but i was too nervous to flirt.

Help me, The Stranger, you’re my only hope!

Cute girl + dog named Chewbacca + Cap Hill farmers market + I’m an idiot and didn’t ask for her number…

Cute gap tooth smile

I saw you in my apartment parking lot. You were with a tall guy. Brother? Hopefully. You guys were eating pastries. Think you are super cute.

West Seattle Auto Zone

We both had dead batteries, I offered you windex.

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