Cathedral yoga cutie

You: redhead who complimented my Metro sweatshirt after yoga at Saint Marks. Me: blond on the mat in front of you too shy to talk more! 

Mutual awe at Shorty’s

U were gawking at my pinball game on Pulp Fiction, I said I loved your outfit. You were celebrating a friend’s graduation and I wish I got your info.

Near Seattle Central College

I saw The Stranger's own editor Rich Smith leaving Seattle Central College on Thursday morning; I was too star-struck to yell "I love your work"

Talk nitrogen soil cycles to me??

me: lonely bisexual babe with opinions on local blackberry bushes. you: sexy weed control consultant with knotweed knowledge

Hoochie daddy shorts @ Bangrak Market

You have an “all you can eat” pussy tattoo on your thigh and asked me about a tasting room on Queen Anne. I wish you had come taste me in my room.

funky at funk night

us: curly hair with bangs we smoked a cigrarette while you changed your shoes and discussed a spliff later, i left b4 saying goodbye :(

Tatted Cyclist on the Sammamish River Trail

To the gorgeous man in navy blue, stars & triangles tatted on your left calf. You said hi & overtook me in the gray Rapha jersey. Let's go for a ride.

Georgetown Carnival Hottie Hanging at Star Brass

You: mustachioed man in a bucket hat, talking to your mom(?). Did we lock eyes (I was the blonde in a tube top) or did the heat make me imagine this?

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