The anarchists are back and doing awful things.
Yes Phoebe there is an anarchist in the White House.
You actually looked at that photo, Phoebe, and blamed the anarchist? My friends were there. It was a "alt-right" neo-nazi.
3 - No, that particular incident. But they're back taking advantage of the situation here and in our nation's capitol.

Fight the assholes. They are coming.
Re the right-wing speaker last night, it's time to remember the words attributed to Voltaire: "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it."
I just realized the Stranger has never had the cajones to denounce Milo on their platform. Or maybe Dan Savage could debate Milo. As far as the incident goes, reddit seems to be reporting that there are claims it was an act of self-defense, as the shooter later turned himself in.

How do you know it's the anarchists and not the blacks?
@9: oh, well if reddit "seems to be reporting", i'm sure it was justified and not the act of a panicked gun-toter.
@9 that's what he wants.
An anarchist medic, one of our people, was shot by one of Milo's Nazi fans. The Stranger uses this to give Milo a platform, and liberals in the comments use it to denounce us.

Gobbles didn't need to be a brilliant propagandist, did he? He had people like y'all to do his job for him.
@14 A Nazi was the shooter, scumbag.
@13: slog is no longer the exclusive domain of liberals. usually the 1st 5 comments are from peevish dicks. i'll take your comment as confirmation of my assumptions - a gun toting conservative panicked when his politics were confronted.
@15- how cute! You got out of your mom's basement to play anarchist for a day. Now go home and cry because some 14yo girl cyber-bullied you on WoW.
Do those who consider themselves "Leftist", etc ever think about Defending Free Speech? Instead of trying to stop Free Speech?

E.B. Hall once wrote "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it". (written in regards to how much Voltaire valued Free Speech) She was English, but she knew what Free Speech was.

To protest against the subject matter of someones Free Speech is one thing. But, when one tries to stop Free Speech from happening, It's called Censorship.

Personally, I think that Milo Y. is a Dick. But, I also respect his right to express his opinion.

People go to college and get taught about all of the 67 gender identities but God forbid they learn how to fucking spell.
@13: see @17, @19. see?
Hate speech is not free speech. The third reich murdered anyone that spoke against them.
Millions of people were murdered by these scum bags as they ranted on and encouraged the attacks on those they despised such as the jews, gypsies, eastern europeans and others. They seek power to encourage their murderous history. This slime bag is getting rich from his bigotry and book campaign. One of his nazi cohorts shot someone critically. He should have been run out of town on a rail. Wake the fuck up.
He is a fascist scum and wants people dead and a chronic liar. Look who he hangs out with. No he is far from harmless and its not our imagination. And you don’t have the ability to read other people’s minds. So take your elitism and shove it.
@16 .... No, a person of a different opinion was assaulted and exercised a Constitutional right to self defense. Your intolerance of differing opinions, and willingness to vacate the Constitution is, in fact, a glaring statement about your own fascist inclinations.

In the coming years more cultural scolds on the left will throw temper tantrums (and in fact, fists), and will be met with the 1-in-12 Washington residents who carry a concealed weapon. And, frankly, nobody will feel quite sorry...
@13: see @25. see?
@26- max dear, have you had a stroke?
a 50 year old Asian guy = a Nazi. DAMN GOOD SHIT!
Loser punk messed with the wrong guy. Sounds like it turned into a teachable moment for him on the constitution, the second ammendment, and manners. Hopefully he learned his lesson and did not incur any permanent damage.
Americans do not have a constitutional right to kill other people. And both Emily Post and Miss Manners would likely advise against attempting to kill or killing other people, but I may be projecting.
Milo and his followers are not white supremecists or Nazis. I think that description dumbs down the dialogue. What he is, as well as his followers, is a bigot and staunch proponent of Western Civilization.

White supremecy falls under this spectrum, but Western Civilization is far more encompassing and insidious. It includes discrimination against a myriad of "others" (I.e. foreigners, women, religious minorities, sexual minorities, etc...). Western Civilization is a system of domination and destruction. And while the exact identities of those they choose to cast as the other may change (as we see with greater acceptance of racial minorities and homosexuality, and increased discrimination of immigrants and religious minorities) Western Civilization will always prop itself on the backs of the least powerful among us. This is why people protest, sometimes aggressively, it's loudest proponents.

Government should not infringe on anyone's free speech, but for those of us who grew up learning of the attrocities of early Soviet Russia, Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy and sooooo many others, we cannot live with ourselves if we allow the sparks of oppression to catch fire.

What's the difference between the Alt-Right and those who confront them? The alt-right judges people for WHAT they are (country of birth, religion, race, gender) and those who oppose them judge people for WHO they are (speech, actions and the content of their character).
@33 LOL Milo is a grifter pure and simple nothing more nothing less. He'll go away or change his spiel once the current one ceases to provide him with attention and make him money.
@33 Women's equality is hardly an invention of Western Civilization. It existed in indigenous cultures around the world until Western Civilization wiped them out. It's only been relatively recently that our culture has begun to work towards gender equality.

And I would hardly call his advocacy of a ban on Muslim immigration as Milo valuing freedom of religion. There are certainly terrible manifestations of Islam in the world, however no more than Christianity, of which he is a proponent. Christianity has no less blood and suffering on its hands. This is hardly disputable.
31 - people do have a constitutional right to bear arms for the purpose of self defense. and while I agree, there is no amendment in the constitution that addresses self defense directly, our laws do indeed allow us to use deadly force if we are being attacked and there is not a safe avenue of retreat available. that seems to be the case in this situation. the anti-Milo mob started physically attacking those peaceful folks who were there to listen to Milo. with a mob surrounding them, they had no safe avenue of retreat available. thus, the correct decision not to arrest the shooter. hopefully the assaulter will face charges once he is released from Harborview.
Wow this article sure got shuffled out of the stranger's headlines quickly after we learned it was a justified shooting of an anti-trump protestor!

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