Print Edition for the week of
Sep. 28 - Oct. 4, 2011

Vol. 21, No. 4

Savage Love


I, Anonymous


Real Funny People

50/50 Is a Cancer Comedy That Will Kill You

What’s Your Number?: The Poor Man’s Bridesmaids

Sholem Aleichem

The Great Writer Gets a Good Documentary

Machine Gun Preacher

Based on a True Story, and Total Bullshit

Art House

Local Sightings

I Love Television

Bring Out the Gimp


You Like What You Like, But You May Also Like This

A Stereotypical Guide to Decibel Festival

Shock and Blah

Odd Future's Forced Antagonism Outshines the Only Thing They're Actually Good At

Jacuzzi Boys' Glazin': A Teenager's Chubby in the Sun

Charles "Packy" Axton's Late Late Party 1965–67: A Collection of Hard-Livin' Tunes

Superchunk's Reveled Bummer, Foolish

Hanni El Khatib's Will the Guns Come Out Builds, Destroys, and Rebuilds American Music


A Layperson's Guide to Decibel

Wild Flag Make a Supergroup Record That's Actually Good

Up & Coming

Lose your pounding aggression of strings every night this week!

New Column!

Blue Man Group Coloring Contest!

Data Breaker

Seattle Represents at Decibel


All-Ages Shows

The Homosexual Agenda

Juanita More and Tales from the Musicquarium

My Philosophy

Dyme Def's "Dizzy Izzy," Cloud Nice, Sean Symphony, and La's Sealab 2012

Poster of the Week

Poster by Mark Heimer

Sound Check

Constant Lovers: True Romance, Perfectly Imperfect

Chuckletown, USA

A run-down of the only places worth laughing at.


Crowned Head on the Block

The Intrigue of Mary Stuart

Cocks and Honey

Saint Genet's First "Aesthetic Proposition"

Free Will Astrology

For the Week of Sept. 28

Visual Art

Red Vag of Courage

Carolee Schneemann's Remorselessness (Also, Sorry About that Headline)


Colin Meloy Wrote a Children's Book

And It's Good! Which Is More Than You Can Say for Gloria Estefan!

Food & Drink

Dessert Genius

Lucy Damkoehler's Absurdly Delicious Work at Mistral Kitchen

Chow Bio

Uniform from the Lucky Diner


The Woman Who Drew a Line Around Mount Rainier with Her Body

Artist Mimi Allin Takes a Very Strange Hike

A Shit Storm Is Gathering

Progressives Are Serious About Gay Marriage Next Year—and Christian Conservatives Are Hell-Bent on Stopping Them

My Drunken Luncheon with Kathie Lee Gifford

During Which We Discussed Christianity, Homosexuality, Musicals, Celebrity, and Cleavage


What's on the Chopping Block This Time?

The Governor Asked for 10 Percent Cuts—Here's What That Would Mean for Washington

Evolution of Hate Crimes

Why More Reports of Bias Crimes May Be a Good Thing

Boeing... Boeing... Gone!

New Documents Reveal Boeing's Long-Term Strategy to Move Jobs out of Washington State

Amazon's All-American Sweatshop Conditions

Warehouse Workers Swelter in 100-Plus-Degree Heat

Cops in the Cross Fire

City Council Complains About Mayor's Police-Hiring Freeze

Sources Say

The Ideal Lining for Your Ferret Cage

Whoa, the Horror

Worn Out

Sports Blotter


Mutant Wars




Terry Pratchett

‘West Side Story,’ ‘South Pacific,’ and ‘My Fair Lady’ at Cinerama

Jeffrey Eugenides



Belle Epicurean

Public Editor

A Critical Overview of The Stranger


Savage Love Episode 259

Last Days

The Week in Review

P.M. Dawn

‘Of the Heart, of the Soul and of the Cross: The Utopian Experience’

P.M. Dawn’s Epochal Masterwork, 20 Years Later

Hiphop's Nowhere Men

The Sonic and Spiritual Legacy of P.M. Dawn’s Landmark Debut

The Other Brother

P.M. Dawn and the Birth of Brohemianism

The Shove Felt Round the World

The Historical Significance of That Time KRS-One Bum-Rushed a P.M. Dawn Show and Shoved Prince Be Offstage

The Dawn Goes On

An Interview with P.M. Dawn’s Doc G