Print Edition for the week of
Mar. 14 - 20, 2002

Vol. 11, No. 26

Savage Love

For Doris...

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Arab and Iranian Film Festival Gets the Word Out

Waste of Time

This Machine Can Only Swallow Money

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Sea Change!

The Anniversary Inspires Enthusiasm

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Black Technology

Herbie Hancock's Future Science

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One-Night Stand

Jeff DeRoche Is an Asshole

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Foolish Limeys, Phony Dagos, and Drunken Micks

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A Hard Space

Northwest Bookfest Migrates to the End of the World

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Harvest Vine

The Healing Powers of Salt Cod

It's Almost Spring, Dammit

Goodbye Comfort Food, Hello Greens

Bio: Chow


Booze and the Law

The Washington State Liquor Control Board got smart and loosened restrictions on bars and taverns. Seattle's next big "Booze and the Law" battle will be over those lovable public drunks. A special issue.

The Last Picture Show

Gold's Gym Bumps Broadway Market Cinemas

CoCA Adds Life

They May Not Be Dead After All

Deja Blues

Auburn Residents Shut Down Sex Shop Before It Opens

Spy Game

Undercover Taco Bell Agents Inside Redmond Schools

Confidence Problem

Police Guild Verdict on Chief Kerlikowske Due Next Week

Important Signal

The Fate of the Experimental City Traffic Engineer

Allen Wrench

Paul Allen's Seahawks Stadium Resist Union Efforts

In Other News...

Five to Four

Control Tower

Dancing at the Peep


Celebrity I Saw U

Gayer Than Thou

It's My Party

Good Drunk, Bad Drunk

I Love Television

Hunting Bad Will

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Drinking Issue

Booze and Strippers

Separating Them Defies Natural Law

Suddenly Serving

Honeyhole Sandwiches Becomes a Bar, Practically Overnight

The Ballard Booze Legend

Under 21?

Some Tips For Underage Drinkers

Once Upon a Time in America...

Catholic Churches Were Burnt to the Ground on St. Patrick's Day

Drinking While Black

How Are They Doing?

Past Help

For Obliteration Drunks, There's Always Another Bottle

Yet Another Modest Proposal

An Effective Way to Keep Drunks Off Seattle's Streets

Seattle Bans Booze—A Cautionary Tale

Police Beat Special Edition

Some People Just Shouldn't Drink