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Mar. 28 - Apr. 3, 2002

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The "WOW" Factor

Arts supporters descended on Olympia to fight the governor's proposed cuts to Washington's arts budget. They won. Unfortunately, almost none of the money the state spends on "art" is actually spent on art.

No One Gives a Shit About Baseball

And no one gives a shit about the Mariners either. Safeco Field sucks, Ichiro sucks, and we have better things to do than watch a bunch of overpaid millionaires run bases in tight polyester pants. Face facts: Baseball is stupid.

Help Father O'Fumblefinger "Make it" Through Lent!!

Planned Poverty

Activists File Complaint Against Seattle Housing Authority

The Race Is On

With Pulitzer Prize Just Weeks Away, Fred Hutch and Wall Street Journal Attack Seattle Times

Veto Victory

Governor Locke Saves Monorail From Legislative Booby Trap

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Police Guild Votes No-Confidence... In Reform

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Beacon Hill Dry Cleaner Leaves Hazardous Waste for New Owner

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