Print Edition for the week of
Nov. 23 - 29, 2011

Vol. 21, No. 12
COVER ART This photo mural (currently on display in Los Angeles) documents the history of MOTHER ART, a collective of women artists that has, among other things, taken it upon themselves to clean up money-wasting institutions. Mother Art recently cleaned up Los Angeles’ City Hall in support of Occupy LA. Find out more at

Savage Love



Master of Puppets

You Can Relax Now: The Muppets Does Jim Henson Proud

My Week with Marilyn: A Doomed Endeavor

Concessions 90210

New on DVD!

Art House

London Boulevard


A Melodious Toast to France's Most Infamous Composer

Iconic Diva Jane Birkin Has So Much to Gainsbourg

Not a Fish Tale

Director Bill Badgley Discusses the Making of Kill All Redneck Pricks: a Documentary About KARP

My Philosophy

RIP, Heavy D; Wale; Big Sean

Sound Check

THEESatisfaction: Preflight Checklist

Up & Coming

Lose your smoked-out slacker every night this week!

Out with a Bang

Visqueen End a Glorious Decade of Rock and Hilarity

Data Breaker

360BPM Turns 15, Africa Hitech, Stop Biting

The Homosexual Agenda

Dina Martina, Koch-Platt, Noddy

Poster of the Week


A Sadistic Little Family

In Orphans, the Captor Becomes the Captive

First-World Problems

Sylvia Is Dog Shit

Free Will Astrology

Visual Art

I Think You're Crazy, Just Like Me

A Night with Carolee Schneemann, in a Trance, Without Her Shoes

Loose Lips

Burning Restaurants, Poets Denied Visas, and Record Store Rumors

Isaac Layman Still Refuses to Leave the House

And His Art Has Gotten Sadder, Lonelier, and Even Better in There


I Thought You Were Dead

Three Resurrections from the Wrong Side of the Tracks

Food & Drink

Fictional Dessert

A Cultural History of Frozen Yogurt

Chow Bio

Drew Hall of Detention


Where to Drink on Turkey Day


Next Step: Loan Strike!

Forget the government. Take this fight to the banks. Let them stay up all night worrying.


Occupy Olympia!

Protesters Take Their Tents to Lawmakers on November 28

Tall Order

Why a Woman in the Roosevelt Neighborhood Wants Her Home Destroyed in the Name of Density

Resistance Is Not Futile

What Exactly Is It That Occupy Critics Don't Get About Civil Disobedience?

In the Bag? Hardly.

Grocers, the Chemical Lobby, and an Economist All Explain Why They Oppose—and May Attempt to Nix—Seattle's Proposed Ban on Plastic Bags

Targeting Bar Owners

Several Neighborhood Groups Try Blocking a Push for Later Bar Hours

Sources Say

Serious News for Syria's Dictators

Worn Out

Sports Blotter


Dear Science

Whoa, the Horror

Drunk of the Week

Florida Bird

Public Editor

A Critical Overview of The Stranger

I Love Television

Where Goeth Thou, Gravy?

Last Days

The Week in Review


Savage Love Episode 267


Silent Reading Party

Cafe De Lion

‘The Listening Room’

EXPO 89 Fest

Pastor Kaleb’s Sunday Service

The Muppets

Bushwick Book Club

‘Plan 9 from Outer Space’

Chuckletown, USA