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May. 30 - Jun. 5, 2002

Vol. 11, No. 37

Savage Love

Dick Dilemmas

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Style = Substance

The Triumph of the Look in CQ

Enough Already

J.Lo's Imperfect Crime

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My '60s European Movie

One Q, One A with Roman Coppola

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Get Ready for the Rock Show

The Mooney Suzuki's Self-Produced Stardom

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The Cripples' Damaged Pop

Hell-Bent on Having Fun

Deer Whistle's Gerald Collier Lightens Up

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Seattle Composers Salon


Alternate Income Sources for Bands: Make Money off Infants!


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The Electronic Beat: USC 6

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Mr. Cross

Half the Brains Behind Mr. Show and Run Ronnie Run Tours with a Rock Band

Campy Dykefest

Lesbian Classic Done Right at Union Garage


Theater Fags Take Over Sunday Nights at Ing

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Pay Attention, Please

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At a Sonics Game with David Shields

Our Man in Seattle

The FBI Predicted It, the CIA Predicted It, and Now We Learn That a Local Writer Also Predicted September 11

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A Star is Born

Matt's Famous Chili Dogs

The Glory of Tube Steaks

Bio: Chow



Monorail supporters say they don't want to start campaigning until the monorail plan is finished in August. But if the monorail has any chance with voters in November, the monorail campaign has to start now.

Class Dismissed

Amy Jenniges Behind the Scenes at This Week's School Walkout

Hiding the Numbers

Embarrassing Sound Transit Poll Goes Missing After Meeting with Mayor's Staff

Evil Empire II

Journalist Mary Jo Foley Aims for Microsoft, Again

Public Comment

Community Activists Call For a Vote on the Police

Bong Hit

Police Raid West Seattle Tobacco Shop

D.C. Eleven

Not So Fast, Maria

Police Beat

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Five to Four

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