Print Edition for the week of
Nov. 30 - Dec. 6, 2011

Vol. 21, No. 13

Savage Love


I, Anonymous



Jeffrey Lewis, Chillwave, and Genital Hospital

"Poo Butt Station!"

I Tried to Sit Down with My Niece and Nephew to Find Out What They Thought of Laura Veirs's Tumble Bee

Between Rock and a Soft Place

The Sea and Cake and the Mellow-Fidelity All-Stars


Jimmy Buffet and Bob Marley Ruined My Vacation

Sound Check

The Sea and Cake: A Black Thumb and a Golden Sound

Up & Coming

Lose your Phoenix International Airport every night this week!

Data Breaker

Synth Sorcerers Panabrite and Os Ovni, Industrial Gods ohGr

New Column!

Juggalo or Stranger Employee?

Chuckletown, USA

Glory Holes are Undeniably Funnier than Christian Comedians

Poster of the Week

Scout Niblett

The Homosexual Agenda

Noddy and Secret Shoppers, Adé's Black and White Ball, Pink Martini Holiday Show

My Philosophy

Do Your Homework


The Dark Side of Enlightenment

Hell Is Other People Oneself

Free Will Astrology

For the Week of Nov 30

Visual Art

Queer Road Trip

Molly Landreth's Almost-Finished Portrait of Queer Life in America


All Its Spinning Reasonableness

Happy 50th Birthday, Catch-22

Food & Drink

Eating with an Angel

Altura on Broadway Is Awesome in the True Sense of the Word

Happiest Hour

Phinney Market Pub & Eatery


It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year Unless You’re Related to Me

Seven Songs to Get You Through the Sadness of Winter

A Handy Guide to Occupying Olympia

Activists and Labor Groups Are Ramping Up for Big Protests Friday and Saturday


Occupy vs. Olympia

Big interruptions and multiple arrests as the legislature begins a session focused on cuts. But the question remains: Can protesters move legislators off their current path?

Building an Ethical Bank?

Olympia May Do Exactly What the Protesters Want

Schooling Olympia

Students Try to Save University Funding

Occupy Seattle Can Stay—for Now

College Postpones Eviction as It Waits for Court Hearing


Dancer and Prancer

Drink by the Rink


‘Hoarse’ Release Party

Juan Atkins

TV Dinner: Christmas Specials

‘Time, Wasted’

Dinosaur Jr. Perform ‘Bug’

Drunk of the Week

Public Editor

A Critical Overview of The Stranger

Control Tower

Occupy Sex Work


Savage Love Episode 268

Last Days

The Week in Review

Worn Out

Michael Cepress: Paperwear