Print Edition for the week of
Jun. 6 - 12, 2002

Vol. 11, No. 38

Savage Love

In Brief

New Column!


Exploring Exploding

A Look Inside SIFF's Exploding Cinema Program


Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out... of My Face!

SIFF Picks

What to See During Week Three

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Movie Times

Movie Times


Kicked in the Head

Andrew WK Bloodies Rock's Boring Confines

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Hell's Kitchen

!!! Sets the World on Fire

Bio: Music

Gentle Giants

Modesty and the Maroons

Club Directory

Safe Surface

N.E.R.D. Is the Neptunes, the Neptunes Are N.E.R.D.

One-Night Stand

Karaoke: The Great Equalizer


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Get Your Indie Outta My Fucking Metal!

CD Review Revue

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NW Top Twenty

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The Score

SIL2K Ensemble Plays In C


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Up & Coming


Shocking Socks

Local Puppets Screw, Poop, and Bake

Kids Today

Siblings Torment Parents

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Visual Art

At Home Abroad

An American Digests Germany

In Arts News

Wild About Larry

Visual Arts Listings


The Nature of Serial Killers

A Little Book About small dead woman and Public Wilderness

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Food & Drink

Bill's Off Broadway

You Don't Have to Be Drunk to Love It


Our Favorite Ethiopian Hot Spot

Bio: Chow


The End

South Seattle's Only General Bookstore Closes Shop

Legislative Sick Leave

Governor Locke Wants to Skimp on Medicaid, Legislature Can't Stop Him

Final Comments

ETC Sends Monorail Plan to Public

Read All About It

Israel Deserves Bad Press, and They've Been Getting It For 20 Years

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D.C. Eleven

Hillary Says

Five to Four

Police Beat

No Explanation

Letters to the Editor

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The Week in Review

I Love Television

Pick up the 7 Up

It's My Party

Seattle's Worst-Kept Secret

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